About AIKA

Arctic Data Intelligence and Supercomputing Ecosystem in Kainuu

AIKA DIH – Digital Innovation Hub is an ecosystem that offers companies support for the digital business transition and the development of new innovative solutions. Through the partners operating in the AIKA ecosystem, companies can benefit from the latest digital technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), supercomputing and data analytics in business and product development.

The goal is to build an internationally significant digital technology competence center in Kainuu, which offers companies strong conditions to grow ecologically and sustainably. In cooperation, we develop regional infrastructure and know-how to attract both new companies and digital investments. The ability and will to do things together build a strong cooperation network so that we can learn, invest, build, find solutions and succeed. Also in the future.

AIKA founding members

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KAMK) is a proactive and international university in central Finland with the vision of being a small but big university of applied sciences. KAMK has approximately 3,300 students and 300 members of staff and offers a number of Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. KAMK is actively involved in the development of companies and organizations operating in the regions of Kainuu, Koillismaa and Northern Ostrobothnia. (KAMK Introduction – Kajaanin ammattikorkeakoulu)

The purpose of Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KAMK) research, development and innovation activities is to develop customers’ products, services and processes and to conduct needs-based applied research. KAMK is one of Finland’s best and most successful universities of applied sciences in terms of its results, according to the Ministry of Education and Culture.

For AIKA, KAMK provides a wide array of technology and AI business development services, and we are always looking to collaborate on companies` development needs. Where needed, will also guide you to the correct service in the wide AIKA network, and to the KAMK education where our experts are happy to discuss your educational aspirations.

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CEMIS –  the Centre for Measurement and Information Systems is a contract-based joint centre of the Universities of Oulu and Jyväskylä, Kajaani University of Applied Sciences, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd. and CSC – IT Centre for Science Ltd. The centre specializes in research and training in the field of measurement and information systems. The focus is to develop measurement and IT solutions for the cleantech sector and for sports, well-being and healthcare, and to support the development of new international business based on our innovations and expertise with our partner companies.

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CSC – IT Center for Science Ltd. is a non-profit state enterprise with special tasks. As part of the national research system CSC develops, integrates, and offers high-quality ICT services for research, education, culture, public administration, and companies. The company has decades of expertise in supercomputers, data analytics and AI. The project record includes both big national projects for public organisations, and pilot and research projects helping SME companies. We can support you in methods, tools and environments for AI, machine learning, big data, sensitive data, and data visualization.

LUMI, the fastest supercomputer in Europe and the 3rd fastest in the world, is operated by CSC in Kajaani. LUMI is a EuroHPC pre-exascale supercomputer and it offers a unique world-class supercomputing platform for European research and industry. Up to 20 percent of the LUMI’s capacity is allocated for industrial use.

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Our supporters

The AIKA ecosystem is supported and partially financed by the city of Kajaani and the Regional Council of Kainuu with the help of the European Regional Development Fund (A78688).