Why Kainuu?

Arctic Data Intelligence and Supercomputing Ecosystem in Kainuu

Explore the possibilities my home region Kainuu offers for someone like you!

In Kainuu, you may experience the peace and freedom of wilderness and downshift all year round. Auroras, mystical wilderness, and forests covered in snow combine with the lush summertime bliss and glimmering lakes here. In the heart of unspoiled Kainuu nature, you may catch your breath, break away from the pressures from everyday life and engage in wide range of activities.

On the other hand, you are surrounded by modern society and technology in Kainuu and free to pioneer with your business here. Kainuu is all about easy everyday living with all the services you need easily reachable. You might find your true home in the middle of nature on a lake shore and yet only 15 minutes away from services you need. Active hobbies and sports clubs for kids and adults, schools and health care services combined with nature around you are the basis of our relaxed lifestyle and quality of life – Kainuu Lifestyle.

Come and find Kainuu within yourself!