Kajaani as data center location

Arctic Data Intelligence and Supercomputing Ecosystem in Kainuu


Renforsin Ranta business park locates in an old paper mill area and offers tens of thousands of available square meters for data centers. The area runs on environmentally friendly hydro and wind power and supports waste heat reuse. Previous combined to the free air and water cooling all year round and low-cost electricity of Nordic countries enables data centers with a negative carbon footprint.


  • Finland is a country of political stability and predictability
  • The cool climate in Kajaani enables low PUE figures, like 1,03  of MDC data center
  • Free space available for different purposes: over 100.000 m2 for brownfield, and up to 200 hectares for greenfield installations
  • Offering ready for both co-location, infrastructure, and turn-key solutions

Green and low-cost energy:

  • 100% renewable green (hydro and wind) power available with scalability up to 200 MW
  • Low-cost electricity and attractive pricing model for energy with waste heat reuse
  • Extremely reliable electricity network – Only one 2 minutes outage in 30 years


  • FUNET, NORDUnet, and GÉANT providing global connectivity for R&E

Strong References, Ecosystem, and Partners:

  • Proven track record of successful data center and supercomputer installations, references including LUMI EuroHPC
  • Infrastructure and expertise ready to support even hyperscale-size datacenter needs
  • Local University education for datacenter and data analytics experts
  • HPC expertise on-site by CSC, HP Enterprise and ATOS