Digital Innovation Hub

Arctic Data Intelligence and Supercomputing Ecosystem in Kainuu

The main objectives of AIKA Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) are to:

  • act as a one-stop shop that helps companies of Kainuu region in tackling digital challenges (especially AI, HPC, data analytics and digital transformation)
  • be internationally significant, attractive AI technology competence center with all the good elements of life.
  • provide companies access to digital technologies and opportunities to utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) and High Performance Computing (HPC) in their business and development.
  • develop the regional infrastructure of Kainuu and other supporting elements to attract companies and investments.
  • increase the digital transformation expertise (AI, HPC) in the region while providing research organizations with world class RDI facilities to co-innovate with industry partners.
  • create an active and living ecosystem that aims to look into the future through global lens

AIKA Digital Innovation Hub is part of wider Arctic Data Intelligence and Supercomputing ecosystem. AIKA supports smart specialization strategy (RIS3) of Kainuu and its core research & innovation areas:

  1. measurement technologies
  2. gamification and advanced simulation tecniques (3D, VR, AR)
  3. big data analytics and high performance computing
  4. Circular economy of mining industry and bioeconomy

AIKA DIH provides following services through its core partners (KAMK, CSC), coordinator hub CEMIS and AIKA ecosystem partners:

Test before invest services

Skills and training services

Digitalization-related funding, investment and business development services

Innovation Ecosystem and Networking services

More information on AIKA Digital Innovation Hub from Marko Jäntti, Director, Centre for Measurement and Information Systems