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Arctic Data Intelligence and Supercomputing Ecosystem in Kainuu

Renforsin Ranta business park in the City of Kajaani is an optimal place for a state-of-the-art cost-efficient and green data center. It combines Finland’s general benefits like ease of doing business in the eurozone, a stable political and social country with a low risk of natural disasters to the local benefits offered by Kajaani’s exceptional infrastructure and northern location.

The business park locates in an old paper mill area and offers tens of thousands of square meters of available space for data centers. The area runs on environmentally friendly hydro and wind power and supports waste heat reuse. Previous combined to the free air and water cooling all year round and low-cost electricity of Nordic countries enables data centers with a negative carbon footprint.

Kajaani offers a proven track record to install, operate and maintain data centers. It is a location for national data centers of CSC – IT Center for Science Ltd. and a commercial data center operator Herman IT Ltd. The latest reference for Kajaani is the LUMI EuroHPC supercomputer, which will be in full production mode in early 2022. LUMI will be the fastest supercomputer in Europe and in the top-5 in a global rank.

Be Green Instead of Buying Green

Kajaani location supports data centers designed and operated according to sustainable development principle reducing global CO2 emissions. You can utilize local cost- and environmentally friendly renewable wind and hydro energy. Additionally, you can lower your electricity costs and CO2 emissions by selling the excess heat to local district heat operator.

Reach Your Dreams in Cost Savings

In Kajaani, you can reach one of the best Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in the EU. Significant cost savings are offered by the low-cost electricity and the existing infrastructure in Renforsin Ranta business park. Electricity is available without unnecessary intermediaries through the private electricity network owned by the landlord UPM, and the local renewable energy enables low-cost operations in the years to come. Furthermore, excess heat sales possibility and the availability for long-term PPAs (Power Purchase Agreement) will further offer options for reducing your TCO. Note also that Finland is the only Nordic country in the eurozone and has the lowest corporate tax in the Nordics.

Secure Your Time-to-Market and Future Scalability

Kajaani offers an existing and tested infrastructure to secure a successful implementation of your data center project. The location offers multiple Brownfield and Greenfield options from 10 MW up to 200 MW. We have the technical expertise and constructional know-how to deliver large and complex data center projects.

Our four reference data centers, including the ongoing LUMI EuroHPC supercomputer installation, speak for us. We are confident that we can help you build your data center on time and on budget.

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