Data, AI and Analytics

Arctic Data Intelligence and Supercomputing Ecosystem in Kainuu

Are you keen on knowing what new business opportunities data will bring to your company? How can you get the best out of data by applying Data Intelligent methods? What kind of new business solutions this will enable? Whether you have never done a single analysis with data, or you are well aware of e.g. what machine learning can do, we have a solution for you.

We offer you a team with top competencies combined with Data Engineering, Data Intelligence and Business Development to get the best long-term effect from your project on how to make a business from data. We also offer a state-of-art supercomputer infrastructure to speed up the solution.

We support you with our expertise, computing environments, networks and education programs. If you have an idea for a utilization of existing data, a challenge in boosting your business with data or a new data-based innovation, do not hesitate to contact us.

We have ecosystem partners with expertise to cover all the phases of data-based value creation – including data collection, data integration, preparation and cleaning, data analysis and AI, data visualization and business-based interpretation of results.

The value-creating path from data to business solutions is done in an easy and flexible way – to make your journey pleasant and effective.

CEMIS Business Development

CEMIS Business Development (CBD) initiates and participates in different business and technology-based projects both locally and internationally. CBD activities largely include economic impact studies, market research and technology commercialization. In CEMIS projects, CBD is responsible for the commercialization aspects of the developed new technology, specifically aiming to find markets for new innovations.

CSC expertise in AI and Data Analytics

CSC has decades of expertise in data analytics and AI. Our project record includes both big national projects for public organisations, and pilot and research projects helping SME companies. We can support you in methods, tools and environments for AI, machine learning, big data, sensitive data, and data visualization. For more information visit here.

Education and RDI at KAMK

Clever Simulation Entertainment (Clever SE) is a Game Development lab located in the Kajaani University of Applied Sciences. Clever Simulation Entertainment concentrates on serious game Development. One of the key focus areas is virtual and augmented reality development. Clever SE has also expertise in Exergaming, where physiological data is being combined with game environments. Team has a strong background on physiological measurements, including heart rate, eye tracking and other measurements whcih have been use either for research purposes or integration with games.

Clever SE is mainly focusing on environments and games using realistic 3D environments, but has also developed games for other platforms, including Android and iOs devices. Clever SE uses photogrammetry ad one of the tools for realistic 3D modeling. For larger outdoor areas aerial photogrammetry can be used.

Arctic HPC

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences’  supercomputer plays a role of a magical knowledge machine, whose ever-evolving wealth may be enjoyed by students, professionals, partners, and businesses. The supercomputer flexes its muscles with high-performance computing power and enables the use of Artificial Intelligence in all its efforts. Data analytics and advanced AI methods offer an excellent foundation for the phenomenal use of information. Let the Arctic HPC take you on a journey towards an even more wonderful world of sustainable development.

Data Center Education

The dedicated work of a data center specialist can be admired when building and hosting data centers. One’s achievements are in the fields of monitoring and maintaining operations, installing hardware, equipment, and data busses, troubleshooting, and problem-solving with a continuous craving to make these mines of the digital world better. This blacksmith of data centers is known as an expert with diligence and skills beyond comparison.

Data and AI Education

The data and AI specialist sings one’s opponents into mud and water with one’s unique skills and talent. This magician soothes storms and explores phenomenon’s, developing constantly better ways to do things with Data Intelligence tools. People around the country admires one’s marvelous competences.