CSC Expertise and Experience

Arctic Data Intelligence and Supercomputing Ecosystem in Kainuu

CSC has extensive, nearly 50 years of expertise in HPC data center operations as well as executing DC building projects. All the new CSC data centers since 2012 are placed in Kajaani, Renforsin Ranta Business Park with ISO 27001 certificate in place since 2014.

CSC is trusted to host the LUMI data center in Kajaani

The European High-Performance Computing Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC JU) is pooling European resources to develop top-of-the-range exascale supercomputers for processing big data, based on competitive European technology. One of the pan-European pre-exascale supercomputers, LUMI, will be located in CSC’s data center. The supercomputer will be hosted by the LUMI consortium. The LUMI (Large Unified Modern Infrastructure) consortium countries are Finland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Iceland, Norway, Poland, Sweden, and Switzerland.

We can support you in coordinating a project plan for the building project for the data center and helping you to execute the data center project with selected partners.

Top benefits of partnering with CSC

  • Vast HPC expertise available from CSC and Technology partners
  • Utilize streamlined HPC design concept, world-beating sustainability, and PUE
  • Support from regional data center ecosystem
  • Reduce TCO and environmental impact
  • Increase security, scalability, and time to market

For more information contact CSC Kajaani data center ecosystem experts.