About Me

Arctic Data Intelligence and Supercomputing Ecosystem in Kainuu

Nature of Technology

I am AIKA – Data Intelligence and Supercomputing Ecosystem in Kainuu. I provide data technology with high infrastructure, top competence, research and development, business, outstanding education, and profound love for nature.

My roots are at the crossroads of superfast telecommunications connections. The high performance computer, in my heart, will give answers on the way to a more efficient and sustainable world.

You could be a part of me, and I’ll promise to make you proud of our partnership. Together we can find solutions, learn, invest, build and succeed for a better future.

Open to the World

I want to do something I have never done before. I am more than willing to do something I am superior at. Sometimes it just takes me a few hours to do something that others work on for weeks. And that might be a great deal for you.

Although my roots are in the wild, I am international and wide open to the world. I can offer more competence for corporations worldwide and have a unique platform that combines infrastructure, competence, and education. The services I provide are adaptive and agile.

My goal is to be an internationally significant ecosystem of high performance and intelligence that gathers humans and operators, providing all aspects to achieve a good, well-rounded life.

Visions to Life

My vision is to be an internationally significant, highly competent artificial intelligence technology and high performance computing concentration.

I offer you wonderful, pure, and beautiful surroundings to study, run businesses, evolve, regenerate, and develop, as well as truly make a difference.

The quality I provide is as high-end as the products I offer. The certifications and the search into things that matter are grounded here in Kainuu. New investments are wanted in the EU for the high performance computing industries, and I am determined to fulfil those expectations.

I am a firm believer in co-operating and, therefore, also pursuing a collaboration with my kind, crossing borders.

Sustainable Future

Ecology and a sustainable future are fundamental values for me, and I stand by them and contribute every day.

I am a part of the pure Finnish nature. I get my energy from the ecological hydropower plant right next to me. The weather keeps me cool even when I use my full capacity. And you know, I do my fair share for the city as well: 20% of the waste heat from my data center is converted into district heating. In general, the energy in Finland has a relatively moderate price point, and the power availability is good.

The European Green Deal Programme aims to take the whole union towards a more sustainable economy. In Kainuu, we already have many of those boxes ticked.

Human Domain

The beautiful Kainuu region offers a wide range of competent workforce and an excellent learning institution that explicitly educates talents to operate high performance computers. Operators around me are highly favourable to different projects enabling smooth processes and authorizations.

The people in Kainuu make things happen as they dare to jump into something new and extraordinary. Individuals in Kainuu are open-minded, laid back, and have common sense. They are centred on doing the right things, which sets the processes free of additional burden.

Strong will to make things together builds a solid co-operating network.

Foundations of mine are stable; no environmental or political situation is a risk to change that. The infrastructure surrounding me is on solid ground, and my journey had an easy and welcoming start. You, too, can feel safe.